The Smashing Pumpkins
- 1996 (The Aeroplane Flies High)

Iha Related Tracks:
* The Boy (written/produced by Iha and Kerry "Mango" Brown) - "This is a New Wave song that has the power-pop Jazzmaster sound. I have this late-Sixties Jazzmaster with a warped neck that looks cool but isn't really good to play. There's also this funny guitar-drum break in the middle of the song where I hang the chord and use the whammy bar. Flood liked this song but it just didn't fit the album. "
* Believe (written/produced by Iha and Kerry "Mango" Brown) - "This was another song recorded the day after the music for the album was done. It's supposed to be an uplifting song, but it has this undercurrent of longing, depression, sadness, etc.... The opening guitar was played on a Gibson J-100XTRA, which has got this great, wide-open sound, and there's a clean electric guitar doubling it but mixed way in the back to give a chorusing 'sparkle.' There are also two bass guitar tracks on most of the song, played on a weird Epiphone bass that I bought for a hundred dollars at a pawn shop, and which also got used a lot on Siamese Dream. On the track, one plays chords high up and the other just plays the root notes to give it some weight. "