A Boy and His Dog
By James Iha, Smashing Pumpkins guitar player
Sassy Magazine

Potato Dog, Salmon Dog, Pterodactyl Dog, Bugg Dog, Bugg-a-Giorno, Buggellini-these are but a few nicknames I have given to my dog, Bugg, symbolizing the trust that grew between a boy and his dog. Five years ago, a puppy was given to a roommate of mine as a present. At first he was welcomed for his cuteness, but she soon disowned him after realizing how much work a puppy created (plus he grew to the size of a smallish prairie-grazing bison). Though I had never owned a pet and regarded them as a waste of time, I felt bad for Bugg and began to help out by taking him for walks, checking his food and water dish, and, reluctantly, cleaning up after him. After a while I had a respect for the beast and I enjoyed the responsibility. And I've seen Bugg grow from the boy that nobody wanted into a strong, loyal and loving, uh...dog.