Pumpkins aren't self-destructing June 1996
Detroit News
Brian McCollum

Smashing Pumpkins, says guitarist James Iha, are breaking up after this weekend.

Heh heh. He's kidding.

Rumors of the Pumpkins' demise have swirled around the band ever since the four tempestuous band members got together in Chicago earlier this decade.

But really. The band's fine.

"We just bought some new games for the Sony Play Station," he says. "So we're doing OK."</>

Tickets are still available for the Pumpkins' concert tonight at the Palace of Auburn Hills, and for Sunday's State Theatre show. Group leader and '70s-phile Billy Corgan was scheduled to hit town Friday night for the Kiss show.

Sunday's smaller venue will let the band roll out some of the material it played during a recent club jaunt through Europe -- including songs from last fall's moody "Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness," fast shaping up as the best-selling double disc in rock history.

"We'll probably change the set a bit, do a little more quiet stuff," he says. "When we play the bigger shows, it's hard to translate the quieter, more acoustic songs."

Now, repeat after Iha: Everybody's happy.

"For the amount of shows we've done, we're all surprisingly focused," he says. "We haven't hit any blocks."