Dear James,
It's June. Here's the poem I wrote the night of your concert on Nov. 29. Please send a copy to Billy if you could. I only wish someday I can meet you guys. My life has changed so rapidly since I first heard you and began my whirl wind and spin on life. Someday the angels will sing again, I heard them that morning and I still see the signs youve given me.
I watch your eyes cling tight forever I caress you forever so tenderly loveing you this slumber through this eve your arms hold me I indulge as you cradle my desires unharmed charmed
Drop off embrace cloud nine we will forever nevermind the uncharted beetle eyed sewed fine we must move on gumption crests wash away the withered lights sleep in slumber awake I'll wake to fade in with you benevolence is tasted in the race we've fumbled through I've begun to wash the ceaseless tears defended so long bright alight I fly tonight I emulate the up shot, conjure cloud nine.....................................
Twighlight fades
eternal face
I forever hold your grace
I forever feel your trace
eternal love

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