Well James, I think the last little note I wrote you (and unfortunately, gave to you ;D) was pretty damn stupid, so what's stopping this one from being the same way. Nothing, I guess. But I'm giving it a go :) You most likely won't read it anyway! Hmm...well, I guess the reason I keep making this website and the reason I've tortured god knows how many hapless souls to take an interest in you and give your music a listen....the reason is that I truly, truly believe that you are an invaluable asset to modern music. That sounds hella cheesy, but it's true. Your music means more to me than any other music I have ever listened to. What you made with The Smashing Pumpkins was and will remain fabulously important, beautiful, intelligent; the list of positive adjectives goes on and on and on and on . . . your solo work means just as much. You proved yourself to be a valid artist and a GOOD one. I could listen to your first album forever and still want to listen to it when forever was over :) I don't think any other artist these days would be willing to make an album like yours, so I thank you for that. It was a beautiful gift, and I eagerly await your second release. Your voice and song lured me into the world of music - it's true. I am hopelessly stuck now and I can not imagine loving music as I much as do and NEEDING it as much as do if you had not been a part of the "scene" I fell into. You've introduced me to many great artists as well (fulflej <-- I wear this album OUT!, Ivy <--BEAUTIFUL) and in this dismal pop era they are a refreshing relief. So anyways, wrapping this up. James, you rock, you love, you are rock and you are love. You're one of the nicest people I've met, and I can't wait to see what you've got next. Your Vapor clothing is great, but WAY out of my budget . . . ssssssoo I'm waiting for the music ;) I hope you have a fantastic 33rd birthday and get everything you asked for and then some. And by the way, you can still round down to 30 when someone asks you how old you are >:D

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