The spoken werd. Yep. Here's where all the .wavs and mp3s I have space for of James talking about stuff in general reside. I didn't think this really belonged in Iha Audio cos...that's reserved for studio work and demos :D Banter and those whacky live covers are also here :) Enjoy!

Let It Come Down interview - 1998 - (mp3 format)
"Hello, this is James Iha . . . "
How many people will find this record a surprise?
How did you approach making the album?
You made the album in your home studio in Chicago . . .
How would you describe the feel of the album?
It feels quite romantic.
What was the thinking behind the title of the record?
There's a focus on melody on the record.
Are you a fan of any particular singers and songwriters?
- [ the last part which i don't have :*( ]

- The crazy chocolate man (referring to Billy)
- Far out, man
- Gym shoes
- My harmonica?
- The naked man
- Time to go outside! (from Vieuphoria)
- Metallica
- Danke (from Vieuphoria)
- Stay With Me (Rod Stewart cover. sort of. lol)
- German pants
- Crustaceans (from an interview on 1.05.00 in Portugal)
- Crustaceans II
- Introduction of band
- Crowd yelling "YEEHAW"
- Are we supposed to say goodbye now?
- What's up gee? (Love is Suicide interview)
- Ciao, bella! (Love is Suicide Interview)

- Porn CDROMs?
- Bitching with D'arcy
- I of the Mourning (Backstreet Boys cover)
- James speaks French "I'm hot" (1.18.00)
- James rocks (12.21.99)
- James speaks Norwegian. Sort of. (10.22.00)
- Emotional Rescue & Sunday Bloody Sunday (12.12.95)
- Melted James Iha (Barenaked Ladies live in 1998)
- Bohemian Rhapsody (1.17.92)
- Boys Don't Cry (Cure cover)
- Boys Don't Cry II
- Creep (Stone Temple Pilots parody)
- Firestarter (Prodigy cover)
- Du Hast/Don't You Want Me (Rammstein/Human League cover, Montreal, Summersault 2000)
- Ina-gadda-davida
- James & Melissa on tour in Hiroshima
- James attempts Pearl Jam's "Alive"
- Hot Elvis gig - mock of Starla (4.14.99)
- James's Rap (yes, this is the one you hear about all the time.)
- James riles the crowd (5.06.00)
- Kooks (David Bowie cover)
- Some Kind of Wonderful (Live with Jimmy Frog)
- Swallowed (Bush parody)