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James Iha Discussion @ Siva - my personal favorite. The people are great, and the talk is fun.

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James Iha Discussion @ IMusic


This is something I am definitely going to set up, but webrings take a little bit of work, so I'd like to get believe mostly up before I undertake it. Thanks for being patient.


Community @ jamesiha.org

If you haven't been to james-iha.com yet, GO NOW!!!!! It's Aaron Grant's new James Iha site, and it's going to be community based (making this page fairly pointless, but heck :D). No one ever submits anything to this site, so you had damn well better submit to james-iha.com! GO GO GO!

I'm always looking for submissions to believe. If you guys send these in, they'll go up here:

  • "how-we-met" sagas - If you've ever met James, (you lucky person, you!) send your story in, along with any pictures you want :D

  • concert tales - Have you been to a Pumpkins/Iha concert where something funny that was James-related occurred? (Like him telling a stupid joke or something) Share the memories!

  • any James-related fun stuff - Have a weird dream with him in it? Made friends with someone because of James? Have any goofy James-related memories (like the time your Mom made you a birthday cake in the shape of Bugg, etc ;D)? Share them if you'd like!

email me at if you have any suggestions or ideas! Thanks!