-Why do you like James?-

You can read the answer to this question in the History section.

-Isn't he a woman . . . -

Oh my GOD what is that hideous thing in that woman's neck? Oh wait it's a guy..."No, I'm not a girl..." he says. And I can prove it. I can! Don't tell me that's a sock in his suit in the video for "The End Is The Beginning Is The End." And he was a guy back in the days when he was too poor to get a sex change. So nyah. He still is one, too! Listen to the man talk for Pete's sake. And oh yeah, there's always that amazing little thing called an Adam's apple. Well now that I've alienated you, let's move on, shall we. . . :D

-He's 20, right?-

Ha! He wishes! Well then again maybe he doesn't. But he's 33...*gasp* and is turning 34 on the 26th of March, 2002.

-What instrument does James play, and does he sing?-

James was the lead guitarist of the Smashing Pumpkins. He graduated from rhythm back in 1995 (woohoo James!) Or maybe Billy got a little less controlling. *snort* All that aside, James filled in for D'arcy on the MACHINA recordings when she wasn't there to play her bass. James, although he was not the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins, does sing, and sing quite a lot! He appears on Pisces Iscariot, MCIS, several singles, and his very own solo album, Let It Come Down, not to mention various other artist's albums. He also sang background vocals quite often in the earlier days of SP. Not only does he sing often, he's good at it! So rare these days...

-Who or what is Bugg?-

See the Bugg Superstar mini-page! I always get asked if Bugg's dead or what. As far as I know, he's alive and kickin'!

- Is James religious? He mentions Jesus a lot -

...hmm...let's find a quote for this one. He sounds agnostic to me. From A. Magazine: "I don't go to church. There are some songs that kind of have things to do with faith and God. But I'm not a big believer in organized religion. I believe in some higher power, but not really in the context of going to church every Sunday, doing all these things to be closer to god."

- Where can I contact James? -

Right now there's not really an address where you could get directly in touch with him. I'm pretty sure the addresses in the Smashing Pumpkins CDs are fairly outdated. Don't even ask for his home address, you freaks ;D