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The Music - This section deals with James's music, primarily. Includes lyrics, audio files, discography, etc.

The Man - This section is about James himself. His pictures, his biography, his pet.

The Fans - This section is about James's fans; their art, their thoughts, their friendship. This section relies on YOU to become effective. Submit!

Thanks to Panpukinzu for the summer poll ;D

ohhhhhh bebe
If James Iha was an animal, he would be . . .

a fluffy bunny
good in the sack

Current Results

The final tally for the IHA Smackdown was:

Believe - 7
...Said Sadly - 16
Farewell and Goodnight - 12
Mayonaise - 44
The Boy - 21

Thanks to everyone that participated!

Rounds I - III
--Tribute to Johnny (23) vs Wave Song (7)
--Mayonaise (22) vs Soma (8)
--Blew Away (19) vs I Am One (11)
Semi-Final One: Mayonaise (15) vs Blew Away (14) vs Tribute to Johnny (1)

Rounds IV - VI
--...Said Sadly (19) vs Jealousy (11)
--See the Sun (21) vs A Night Like This (19)
--Be Strong Now (18) vs The Bells (12)
Semi-Final Two: ...Said Sadly (15) vs Be Strong Now (8) vs See the Sun (7)

Rounds VII - IX
--Silver String (19) vs Country Girl (11)
--Plume (19) vs Falling (11)
--Farewell & Goodnight (21) vs Sound of Love (9)
Semi-Final Three: Farewell & Goodnight (31) vs Plume (29) vs Silver String (10)

Rounds X - XII
--Summer (17) vs Winter (13)
--Take Me Down (23) vs Beauty (7)
--Believe (20) vs Lover, Lover (10)
Semi-Final Four: Believe (17) vs Take Me Down (8) vs Summer (5)

Rounds XIII - XIV
--The Boy (19) vs One and Two (11)
--Take Care (17) vs Back In Our Town (13)
--Go (16) vs No One's Gonna Hurt You (14)
Semi-Final Five: The Boy (16) vs Go (12) vs Take Care (2)

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