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JamesIha.org is an unofficial site that started up again in 2003 by a webmaster and site administrator (blamo.org). We are not affiliated with James Iha or his people. This site stands on its own.

We don't care who uses our stuff. We appreciate any credits, but again we don't care. Direct linking? Whatever. Just play it safe. :)

L's Site Testimonial

It first started when I was in the high school gym reading my library borrowed Teen magazine. I saw a runway photo of James under the Horoscope, and that started my infatuation and now humdrum devotion to James.
On the eve of Christmas 1996, I decided to start my ..=+..James, My One and Only..+-=.. on my humble Geocities Hollywood Hills account because I felt that I had enough materials to build the site. I become extremely obsessive over the site. From my poor communication and quick assumptions, I undecidedly became part of a very bad flame war with several other webmistresses. It became "me against the world", hampering my self-esteem and escalating my delusions about the fans in general.
I could not stand James (overkill) and all the negativity from the net, that I quit for 3 years. During this time, I discovered so many thing that I never knew outside of the Internet. It was a very rejuvenating period.
It was a very hard decision to come back. I had to weigh the possibilities of hate wars (which anyone gets anyway) and to help new Smashing Pumpkins understand and appreciate James--in a different light as when I first started (there was practically nothing, I was helpless!). I got this tingling feeling inside me as I e-mailed Aaron my intentions. And it worked out!
This domain has since grown and the visitors are very pleasant. I'm very gracious that Aaron allowed me to share my talents with fans. Most of all I'm very thankful that Kendra was very generous and kind with my whole transition. If she hadn't acquired this domain firstly, it would have been taken over by cyber squatters--worse yet, people without the decent heart and love to put into a site.

I used a Macintosh with Netscape 7.1, Photoshop CS, ImageReady, Final Cut HD, CuteFtp, BBEdit, iTunes, and more.

I could not have made this site look better without these talented sites.
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