A Boy and His Bugg
By James Iha

[Cut to shot of James in bed, sleeping]

James: Time to walk Bugg.

James: [comes downstairs all suited up including sunglasses] Bugg! Time to go...outside!

[Bugg runs to the door. Bugg is frantic as James opens the door]

[Bugg Superstar (see below) starts playing in background]

James: What else can I say about my dog Bugg? I guess he's a little crazy. But then again I guess we all are. We've done a lot of growing in the past five years. Bugg is a friend, a companion, and a dog. I too have grown mentally and spiritually over these last few years, becoming a strong, responsible adult. In the wake of the success of the band, Bugg and I are often torn apart by fame. He understands this and still cares. He is a strangely perceptive dog. This bike I ride with Bugg alongside has brought a metaphor for the future. We don't know where we're going, when we'll get there, but we're happy doing it together. This is the story of Bugg and I.