Twist Magazine
April 1998

We love James Iha, the totally hot guitarist from The Smashing Pumpkins. So imagine how psyched we were to hear his new solo album, Let It Come Down. We were even more pumped when he agreed to fill out our crazy questionnaire.

Name: James Iha
Date of Birth: 3/26/68
Sign: Aries
Occupation: freelance lumberjack/musician

1. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a grizzly bear when I grew up.

2. Disco rocks my world.

3. 3 things you always find in my refrigerator are:
orange juice, mustard and Italian shoes.

4. The biggest lie I ever told was:
"before I was a musician I was a dancer. I first started with the Joffrey Ballet and then I was up for things like tape and Riverdance..."

5. You know you're famous when:
your parents ask you to autograph CDs and t-shirts for their friends.
6. The worst thing about being famous is:
When people treat you like an object instead of a new person that they might meet.

7. The best part is:
having an audience to hear your music.

8. In Highschool, I was:
not popular. A good friend of mine who I met freshman year of high school told me once that people were asking him "why are you hanging 'round him. He's weird.."

9. The most outrageous outfit I ever wore was:
j-crew t-shirt and jeans.

10. If I were an appliance I would be a toaster.

11. The cheesiest thing I secretly dig is free pizza and marbles.

12. The first time I saw myself on MTV I:
freaked out! I didn't have anyone to call so I called the operator and said "look it's me on tv! I'm playin' guitar on TV right now!" The operator referred me to the psychiatric ward of the nearest hospital.