Live Chat
June 15 1999

for those of you that may have heard about the live web chat mishap, or evenwere one of those waiting to participate, you may not know that there weresome questions posed and answered that night by james and billy. as a service ... we thought weıd pass along the what little transcript we have before it was suspended due to technical difficulties.
so B stands for billy, J for james, and Q your questions B. hello everyone, welcome to what we hope is gonna be a great night of chat about our debut album gish
J. yeah, hello dudes and girls, itıs me james, and we are ready to chat with you!
B. so letıs get to our first question
Q. what does gish mean?
J. I think it means "intruder" in swahili
B. ha ha james, thatıs funny. actually I want to finally reveal the meaning of what "gishı actually means. Iıve been waiting so long to have the proper forum to tell the truth so here goes. the secret mystery meaning of gish is there once was a girl named june, and well2093rtrjgb4my69gkejgsdnvnwq!!!!!!!1je4kjfkfktr335454757553444336663366633666336663366633666ifrifi56485858u54uerueueueueeincompletetransmissionfailuretorecognizeanarchicnatureofinternet
J. wow! even I didnıt know that part!
B. yeah! phwew, Iım so glad to get that off my chest o.k. next question
Q. james, how is your dog bugg? and why is he on the inside of the gish album?
J. well that is a long story, you see I found bugg one rainy night in a dark alley on the wrong side of town. I heard him crying for help because I was out that night working the mean streets with the guardian angels. he was just a little puppy then, and unknown to me there was an attacker behind me as a stooped to pick him up. he yelped what I would find out later was the same noise he makes when there is grave danger, and so by alerting me he probably saved my life that night. I knew right then and there that he was my dog, a true superstar.
Q. is it true you guys are making a new rock record like gish?
B. I donıt know whether or not I would consider that a gish related question.
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james, I think we are having some sort of computer problem, there seems to be no one out there all of a sudden
J. I just want to tell you crazy people that I love the internet, it is great, so put your hands in the air and wave em like you..
-end of web chat due to strong winds in northeast-