The Golden Generation October 2003

James Iha who is rummaging his backpack for the third time looks up and nods. Iha is on the first view a surprising new acquisition in A Perfect Circle. His ex-band, the Smashing Pumpkins, was unique with the engaging character and licentious creativity between wild rock and sweet pop. After the winding up Iha founded a label in which among others the Swedish pop band The Sounds is, built a studio in his adoptive city New York and wrote on some solo stuff.

James Iha: Ein Hund.

Visions: Pardon?

Iha: Youíre from Germany, arenít you? Thatís what I can say in German : Ein Hund ( = a dog Ė annotation from the translator)

Visions: ErÖyes. When did you get the news that you can play in A Perfect Circle?

Iha: At the end of June. I was in Sweden working with my band. I returned on the 11th , tried to get my life in a order again and one week later we started working. The Pumpkins have had a tour with A Perfect Circle. Thatís why I know the band. It seemed to be a good deal.

Visions: What attracted you?

Iha: The different stiles are interesting. Billy is very varied and he attaches great importance to the atmosphere. I must add that I donít know the second record that well. (laughs) I still have to practice.

Visions: Is it possible to spot on the differences between A Perfect Circle and the Smashing Pumpkins?

Iha: (thinks long) They are similar in the reference to the light and darks baths and also the rock loans. But despite of that itís different. A different singer and Billy, Billy Howerdel, writes completely different songs.

Visions: The guitar sound is different from the Smashing Pumpkins.

Iha: Yes, that was the hardest. Not the stuff itself but the way you play it that it sounds like what it should sound like. Which part it plays in the song, the timing and so on. Itís hard but itís fun.

Visions: Are you creative yet in the band?

Iha: Itís too early. Iím still searching for my place but I know one thing for sure: Itís not such a dictatorship as it was in the last band.

Visions: Was your solo album back then a reaction to this big rock band?

Iha: Yes, I wanted to move away from the sound wall of the Smashing Pumpkins and all those regulations. I wanted to see if I could do it alone and so I recorded an acoustic album. Actually I would be writing new songs right now but now Iím here. Weíll see what the future brings.