Addicted to Noise

ATN: I've heard from people more in their late '30s or '40s, this thing of yeah, everything's been done before. It's like the rock that happens now is a variation on things done before. I don't personally buy into that. I wondered what you thought about it.

Iha: No. I think writing a song, whatever style it's in, it can always be re-done. It can always be re-done, it can always be original because no two people are the same. There are always new bands that still amaze me once in a while. Like Shudder to Think, I think, is a wholly original, amazing rock band. They're a rock band but they're totally different than what you've heard before in the guitar playing, the drumming, the bass, singing, it's all amazing. If you listen to a Shudder to Think record, you might be able to point to a few references but there's no way you could tag that band. And they're good, they write good songs. They're totally original.