January 25th, 2000 - Iha talks to UK station Radio 1

The Smashing Pumpkins played their only UK gig on Saturday night, having cancelled their Friday night show in Manchester. As Radio 1 revealed on Friday, singer Billy Corgan was told he'd do irreparable damage to his throat if he performed.
Along with the recent problems of their manager leaving and changes within the band, it was also reported that this may be the bands last tour and album. So is it? Radio 1 spoke to them backstage before Saturday nights gig: "We go on a record to record basis. Its such a long cycle anyway, getting the thing started, get everybody there, get playing, sound good, and record the damn thing", James Iha from the band told Radio 1.

"Im just tired talking about it, and then the touring - it just takes such a long time. I cant really say if this will be our first or last record in this current line up," he says. James reckons that the Pumpkins will return to the UK for more live gigs: "We are going to play more European dates. Well probably do a tour of America and then we are planning on coming back and doing like a proper tour," James says.

On those dates you'll be able to see the new Pumpkins line-up featuring original drummer, Jimmy Chamberlin, and new bass player, Melissa Auf Der Maur.


source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/news/music/music.shtml