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Melissa Auf der Maur Second former Pumpkin bassist and friend
Jeordie White: Base Tendencies James's pal from A Perfect Circle
D'arcy Wretzky Famous former Pumpkin member and Iha friend
Fountains Of Wayne Website James's really good and talented friends from the days when they were on Scratchie.
Jeremy Goldberg Photography He shot James's photo for the cover of Let It Come Down
Ivy An electic trio band with a husband and wife super couple, plus Adam Schlesinger
Ryan Adams One of James's country-alt friends.
Evan Dando Part of fictional band, "The Virgins"
Zac Posen James's fashion designer friend
Marc Jacobs James's super fashion designer friend
Jane Magazine James has been friend's with Jane Pratt's publication since Sassy of the early 90s
Spin Magazine James knows the people of SPIN and occasionally appears in their publication.
Dim Mak James occasionally DJs with DJ Steve Aoki in NYC clubs.