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Credits .::. jamesiha.org would like to thank the following:

Aaron Grant
For his endless contributions, hosting, dedication, support and patience. He kept this domain alive and generously allowed others to work on it. He's the friendliest web developer around. Get to know him, you won't regret it. ;-)

For kindly donating the site to Aaron, being very supportive and staying upbeat towards others. Her zeal for James Iha and spunky attitude attracted many new faces to the community. She's hard working, down to earth, and very funny. One of the friendliest online fan around.

The Smashing Pumpkins community
There's no way to find out where all our stuff came from. Who made the video captures? Who typed out the lyrics? The whole Smashing Pumpkins community needs to be thanked! Take your bow and bask in your deserving ovation. All your efforts were not wasted! All your visits, advice, and involvement have moved us to sweet tears.

Online folks out there
We don't know who you are or where you're from, but we want to thank you endlessly for your contributions, corrections, and support. With all these random faces popping into our lives, we can't remember all of you. But be proud that you're part of our efforts. Thanks.

Our maestro, James Iha
Through the ups and downs, sideways and reverse there's no single word that can thank you, James, for existing in the first place. Your zany stage presence, patience, open-mindedness, love, kindness, humor, wit has enthralled us thoughout the decades. Why in the world did we deserve someone like you? Because you're nothing more than a gift from Above. :-)