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Here is a the part of the recent interview that mentioned James Iha and TSP. Thanks to Kendra for posting this on the boards.

Interviewer: I saw the Smashing Pumpkins recently. It felt like Billy [Corgan] was rushing to get some of his more well-known songs out of the way so he could play the new stuff. Can you relate to that kind of feeling?

Maynard: No, no. I mean, especially since James Iha’s not in the band, I can’t really relate to the fact that Smashing Pumpkins are out there.


Comments (2)

Monsieur Poopie Pants · 119 days ago
That's hilarious. APC are so irrelevant. How many times can they perform pedestrian and sluggish versions of weak and powerless on talk shows before they become relevant? That's what i wanna know!
Monsieur Poopie Pants · 119 days ago
my, my, what a snarky douche.