October 24, 2003, 4:17 pm    A Nice Chat with James Iha
First off, thanks to Jas for making this all happen! Im so upset that my recorder got screwed. I will have find a way to edit out the fuzz and get his voice down! So, Im going to write down a summary of what was said.
James is preparing for his next tour with A Perfect Circle by taking his vitamins, eating vegetables and drinking orange juice. He has not come up with anything for his next album. It will probably sound less acoustic but more electronic. He says hes writing. And hasnt decided when it will come out. But it will come. Vanessa and the Os was started up with the help of his friend Nicholas Frisk. He loves how New York does not require a car. But he doesnt know how New York affects him musically. Bugg is alive and well. But hes very old. James doesnt know how old Bugg is but hes guessing around 12 years of age. The Vapor line is doing well. He had an old room mate who had connections to the clothesline in Japan and wanted to James to join him with this venture. Melissa Auf Der Maur is doing well. He has done some work on her solo album. He knows that The Sounds have not sold too well in America but he loves the band. He performed sax twice with them before. Darcy is doing well. Shes kinda not in the music industry. Shes not involved with Scratchie. Its just James and Adam. There is a new act for Scratchie. I honestly could not pick up what he said (my first day as a interviewer!). He acting kinda giggly/silly/sarcastic when I told him about Kendra being his biggest fan and wanting say hi. He is definitely SINGLE. yup yup He cant think of what to ask the online community. James says hes 59. He wants to see jamesiha.org and asked me a couple of times where it is. He wont give away his email. He says he has an email, a cell phone. He doesnt talk to Billy Corgan. The band gets along. He was laughing when I asked about Jeordie White being makeupless. He actually admitted not recognizing Jeordie White! He has no idea how he is going to contribute to A Perfect Circles future album. When I asked him if he saw he any show like Simon and Garfunkel he chuckled. He has seen Hot Hot Heat plus the The Strokes (in La). He has nothing to do with The White Stripes. He goes out and eat in New York a lot. Theres too many places to go to in New York. He mentioned that A Perfect Circle was on Mtv, not TRL. He feels that his obsessed fans flatter him. I told him Im gonna see Anna Sui today so I asked him what he would like me to say to her, he said just Yo. He feels hes too old to model with Anna Sui so hes not going to do it anymore.

Credit: SntaBby