October 5, 2004, 7:34 pm    Club Crawl

Source: The Village Voice

Club Crawl
by Tricia Romano
Seattle, my old hometown, has its claws in the NYC music scene via the excellent radio station KEXP, which New Yorkers are lucky enough to be able to sample online. The popular morning show called John in the Morning hosted by DJ John Richards is a meet 'n' greet with fellow radio jocks Cheryl Waters and Kevin Cole, while wax and CD spinners Lizzy (of Fischerspooner fame), James Iha (really, do I need to tell you who he is?), E Morse (of Trampoline House, the magazine), and DJ Dan (i.e., the guy who disses John's selections in the daily mailing lists) provide the tuneage. It's Columbus Day or something, so you should drink. Monday @ 9, Lit, 93 Second Ave, 212.777.7987


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