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A Perfect Circle Interview by Moon
January 24, 2004, 1:09 pm

A Perfect Circle Interview by Moon
Strasbourg, 16 Janvier 2004

Moon: Will we be seeing a new music video from 13th step?
Jeordie White: Euh? We're talking about it, but we haven't really

Moon: That would be for the outsider?
Jeordie White: Yes for the outsider. We all hope that a video will be
on all the music channels.

Moon: What groups influenced you during the recording of 13th step?
Jeordie White: Euh? A Perfect Circle (laughs). I just listened to the
album a lot, so it was easy enough. The other members would have
answer, esepcially Maynard.

Moon: Will we be seeing a live dvd after the touring?
Jeordie White: We ask ourselves the same question: should we do it? We
that it happens
James Iha / Jeordie White: ?but probably not.

Moon: For you, what is the future of APC after touring?
Jeordie White: Euh? we will definitely start working on a new album and
maynard will return to Tool for a while and everyone will go in their

Moon: 2nd part of the interview, the questions will be a a little
and are taken from a french television show. The interview is called
Jeordie White: Okay!

Moon: Do you believe in angels?
Jeordie White: Do you believe in angels james?
James Iha: Euh? na? I've never seen any so...

Moon: Do you believe in martians?
Jeordie White: Euh, are there little green man on mars? no not
is there life on mars? Yes, absolutely possible.
James Iha: So euh? Yes!

Moon: do you believe in god, or a god?
James Iha: many gods maybe. But I'm not sure.

Moon: Do you believe in yourself?
James Iha: Sometimes.
Jeordie White: yeah sometimes.

Moon: Do you believe in ghosts??
James Iha: yes!
Jeordie White: Yes we believe in ghosts, we adore ghosts

Moon: Do you believe in superman?
Jeordie White: Nah..
James Iha: No

Moon: Do you believe in Santa Claus?
James Iha: Nah
Jeordie White: euh I would like him to exist

Moon: Do you believe in Destiny?
Jeordie White et James Iha: destiny?s Child? (laughs)
James Iha: Euh? no I don't believe in it
Jeordie White: I don't believe in it either

Moon: Do you believe in fidelity?
James Iha: Yes!
Jeordie White: yes!

Moon: Or would you prefer a whole bunch of one night stands without
Jeordie White: I believe in both: fidelity and one night stands.
James Iha: But not at the same time
Jeordie White: Yes that's true, not at the same time/

Moon: Do you believe that money brings happiness?
James Iha: Euh? it brings liberty ...and the labels seem to be happy
money, so...yes!
Jeordie White: I'm alright with that

Moon: Do you believe in masterbation?
Jeordie White: In believe in it in one form or another...

Moon: Do you think that using softer drugs pushes you to try harder
Jeordie White: euh? For some people yeah... I don't know?

Moon: Do you believe in the super powrs of Goldorak?
James Iha: Who?

Moon: Goldorak?
Jeordie White: Who's that?

Moon: It's a manga??
Jeordie White: Is it a french thing?

Moon: No it's a japanese comic?
James Iha: Oh!
Jeordie White: I believe in Darth Vader
James Iha: Yes! Completely...

Moon: Do you think we are done with this interview?
James Iha: Euh? I don't know.
Jeordie White: No! Yes! ?
James Iha: ?Thank you"


Credit: Moon

Source: The Official French A Perfect Circle Site