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James's Bloomsbury Group Designed Apartment
November 21, 2002, 11:00 pm

so, is this some kind of trend?
Not so much a trend as a seismic shift in sensibility. In a nutshell: Wallpaper is out, wallpaper is in.
care to elaborate?
If you need it spelled out: The sleek minimalist look that became synonymous with a certain lifestyle publication?mid-century furniture, white walls, concrete bunkers in Lapland?is being replaced by color, ornament, and exuberant Arts & Crafts?influenced patterns.
examples, please
Musician James Iha's smashing new Manhattan apartment, which takes its design cues from Charleston, the Bloomsbury Group country house. The Neue Galerie's exhibit on Dagobert Peche, master of Viennese ornamentation. John Derian's color-saturated East Village housewares emporium. And this season's smart-house hit, The Hours, starring Nicole Kidman as Bloomsbury writer Virginia Woolf.
what will I wear to match my new walls?
How about a lavishly embroidered coat from Versace or Marni? Or be thrifty. Cameron Silver, owner of L.A. vintage mecca Decades, registered a renewed interest in the Bloomsbury decade even before Kidman's turn as a Woolf in chic clothing. "On a whim I bought a bunch of '20s clothes," he says. "And I literally sold every piece in a day."
but what about my arne jacobson chairs?
One word: eBay.

?Dirk Standen

Source: Style.com