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[LICD Review] The Atlanta Constitution
February 18, 1998, 11:00 pm

Source: The Atlanta Constitution

WEEKEND AT HOME THE LATEST IN MUSIC, VIDEOS AND BOOKS MINI REVIEWS POP/ROCK Various artists "MTV 120 Minutes Live." Atlantic. 14 tracks. Grade: B+.

Shane Harrison, Richard L. Eldredge, Doug Hamilton, Nick Tate, et al. The Atlanta Constitution. Atlanta, Ga.: Feb 19, 1998. pg. K.06


James Iha

"Let It Come Down." Virgin. 11 tracks.

Grade: B-.

Pity the poor Smashing Pumpkins fan who buys this album. On his first solo CD, Pumpkins rhythm guitarist James Iha substitutes the punk angst of band leader Billy Corgan for the peaceful, easy feelin' of '70s pop. None of that "the world is a vampire" stuff here ---in a smooth croon reminiscent of Al Stewart, Iha chirps such wide-eyed lyrics as "Love is what you give/And love is what you need" (from "Beauty"). This stylistic detour has stymied some critics ---Spin magazine recently rated the album a "4" out of a possible "10." Taken as tongue-in-cheek homage to '70s radio, though, "Let It Come Down" has its charms. Such sunny sing-alongs as "Country Girl" and "Be Strong Now" would sound right at home between "Baker Street" and "Year of the Cat" on some retro Rhino compilation.

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