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[LICD Review] Indianapolis Star Abstract
February 14, 1998, 11:00 pm

Source: Indianapolis Star

Pumpkins' Iha bares his sentimental side on first solo record; [CITY FINAL Edition]
MARC D. ALLAN, DIANA PENNER, JAY HARVEY, SCOTT L. MILEY, SCOTT BACON. Indianapolis Star. Indianapolis, Ind.: Feb 15, 1998. pg. I.09

Abstract (Document Summary)

James Iha "Let It Come Down," Virgin Records America. Reviewed by staff writer Marc D. Allan. 3 STARS James Iha's lyrics include "Hallelujah, I'm in love with a girl from the country/she's got no money, just a smile" and "feel the warmth love gives." Who'd have thought the Smashing Pumpkins' guitarist would be such a rank sentimentalist?

"No one's gonna hurt you, not anymore/ever since I've met you, I've come to adore you," he sings on the disc-closing No One's Gonna Hurt You. By that time, you've almost forgotten that Iha helps put muscle into the Pumpkins' bitter diatribes, and Let It Come Down turns out to be a pleasant, unexpectedly guilty pleasure.

DJ Shadow "Pre- Emptive Strike," Mo Wax Recordings. Reviewed by staff writer Scott L. Miley. 2 1/2 Since the 1996 release of DJ Shadow's breakthrough, Endtroducing..., progressively entertaining drum-and-bass discs have arisen from Roni Size, Goldie and Plug, among others. So the previously released-on- imports-only songs here are already dated by four years.