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[LICD Review] Sunday Times
February 7, 1998, 11:00 pm

Source: Sunday Times

Rock; [14]
Mark Edwards. Sunday Times. London (UK): Feb 8, 1998. pg. Culture

Issue: 9050

JAMES IHA Let It Come Down Hut CDHUT 47, Pounds 15.99 LIKE THE Arsenal teams of yesteryear, Let It Come Down is unremarkable up front, but its uninspiring performance is ultimately rescued by an excellent back four. After a strong opening track, the front half of the album quickly fades into a series of undistinguished songs.

But just when you've decided that James Iha should have stuck to his day job (as guitarist in the Smashing Pumpkins), along come the final quartet of tracks - all of which are simply gorgeous.

Clearing his head after years of Pumpkins noise, Iha's songs are soft and gentle, reminiscent of the Foo Fighters' quieter moments (this must be what it's like when loud people play quiet songs).

After the four blissful closing tracks, you immediately start listening to the first half of the album again with a more generous spirit, convinced that it must have been better than you first thought it was. And perhaps it is. A slim victory, then - but three points, anyway. One-nil to James Iha. ME

Credit: Mark Edwards