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Celebrities Reappear at Season's Hottest [Fashion] Shows
October 31, 1995, 11:00 pm

Source: Chicago Sun - Times

Celebrities Reappear at Season's Hottest Shows; [LATE SPORTS FINAL Edition]
Maureen Jenkins. Chicago Sun - Times. Chicago, Ill.: Nov 1, 1995. pg. 60

In past seasons, New York fashion shows were the hot tickets in town for celebs, entertainers and others who felt the need to be seen. These same folks must have taken a hiatus back in April, as paparazzi targets were scarce. But they're back this time around, making appearances at this season's hottest shows.

At Gianni Versace's Versus show: The Donald (Trump, that is), mod-looking wife Marla and teen daughter Ivanka, posing and preening for the camera. The Smashing Pumpkins' James Iha, who was "dragged" to the show by designer pal Anna Sui. Luther Vandross decorated the front row in a purple suede suit. R&B diva Patti LaBelle, looking fierce in a diamond-patterned black and white (short) skirt suit and knee-high textured leather boots.

"Actually, I went to the store on Madison Avenue, and they picked out some things (to choose from)" LaBelle said. "I'm on the hookup, so it all goes together." A Versace fan from way back, the always-on LaBelle loved the sequin pants and chiffon pieces, but thought the rest of the skin-tight collection was "too young" for her taste.

"Central Park West" star Kylie Travis flashed smiles and her own Versace pantsuit at the snapping cameras and flashing bulbs. Versace's show was the first designer runway show she'd been to. (Guess she never really prepared for her previous role as a scheming pretty face on Fox's "Models Inc.") The Versus show "was quite a spectacle," she said. "I was surprised; it's fun. I should go to more."

Cross-dressing stylesetter RuPaul strutted his; her stuff at Betsey Johnson. Tennis pro Steffi Graf (sans makeup) and Liza Minnelli showed up at Donna Karan's DKNY show. And at Marc Jacobs' ever-so-hip runway gig: actor Matt Dillon and O.J. daughter Arnelle Simpson, looking slim and chic in a satin coatdress and knee-high boots. Besieged by shooters as soon as she walked in, Simpson said she was "overwhelmed" by the whole thing. But she's a Marc Jacobs fan, and says she already owns pieces from the designer's very pricey line.

DATE WITH A GROOM: The Chicago area's own Cynthia Rowley - who's made quite a name for herself in New York and around the globe with her "happy clothes" - is planning a December wedding. All that thinking about love and marriage led Rowley to incorporate touches into the spring line she'll unveil Thursday. Publicist Nancy Halpern says the collection "is sort of all about love themes, lots of his-and-hers, coupling-up things." Fiance; sculptor; store designer Bill Keenan will hit the runway, along with other top dudes in Rowley's life - her dad and musician brother Mike.

MODELS NEED LOVE, TOO: Everybody gets homesick once in a while - even girls who prowl the catwalks and make the covers of magazines. That's why up-and-coming 18-year-old model Farrah Summerford called her mom in Denver and asked her to fly to New York and watch her work the runways. You know, for that parental moral support.

"It puts a little pressure on you," says Farrah, a pale blond with the top Click agency who's lived in New York since she was 16. "You do (the shows) for the designers all the time, but this time, I was doing it for my two moms: my real mom and Frances Grill, the owner of my agency. You know how moms can be the toughest critics."
Matt Dillon found himself a target of the cameras at Marc Jacobs' show Monday in New York.; Credit: JIM FROST

Credit: Maureen Jenkins