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[No Date] A Pumpkin Meets with (fictional) Therapist
December 31, 1993, 11:00 pm

Source: Vieuphoria

A Pumpkin James Iha Meets with (fictional) Therapist in Vieuphoria

Therapist: I hear you've been having some problems with your band, and I wonder, would you like to tell me about them?

James: I'm not sure if it's one individual or...the band collectively, but maybe, um, it's their footwear that really bothers me. I'm not sure if it's just...any one shoe, but maybe just the thought of it. The thought of what's on their feet at any given moment distracts me.

Therapist: Tell me if there's any way that you can see of having an effect on the situation so that...you feel able to get close to them.

James: Well, I have given thought to this and I suppose in a practical, practical sense I could maybe ask for different shoes or socks on our rider. And a rider is something we have at every show and um you know they'll give us a deli tray, you know...candy...we can put any sort of footwear we want on it. And maybe if they had those different elements exposed to them they would lighten up a little.

Therapist: You've really lost me there.

Credit: James Iha