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Band Interview with KROQ
December 31, 1997, 11:00 pm

Source: KROQ


DJ: There are 2 DJs
j: james
d: d'arcy
b: billy

dj: we're in the studio with a little bit of delay. say hi to the smashing pumpkins. right here.

j: word, word.
d: you know we sound better with delay...more delay.

dj: i'm sorry did somebody say "word"?
b: we're in the valley, actually in the valley.
j: yes.

dj: now what are you guys doing in japan? you have a show there i guess.
b: we've taken this country by storm.

dj: yeah.
d: we got to play live at the budakhan (funny voice).

dj: speaking of cheap trick, was that very cool playing in the same venue?
d: absolutely.
j: it's pretty awesome.

dj: i know...i talked to the guys in cheap trick last month and they told me that there's some vibe in that place, more than a concert hall. an energy, there's something going on and i guess the japanese fans are legendary for how much they love their rock n'roll and everybody seems to enjoy they play there.
j: uh...yeah.
b; there's something about well oiled sump wrestlers backstage.

b: it just gets you going before the show.

dj: alright so we've got billy there and i heard a little bit of d'arcy and we were wondering if today is the day we were actually going to hear james speak because we've never been privy to that before.
d: you couldn't hear him he was just speaking.
j: i was just speaking. i said word.

dj: oh it was word. all i know is the last time i saw you guys was at that last batman movie premiere and james ran about as fast and far away from us as he could when he saw us coming with a microphone, so i didn't know if we'd...haven't talked to us.
j: i was just...frightened of microphones and technology at that point.
b: he heard your names were bark and mean.

dj: well listen guys...
j: i didn't know it was you though.

dj: that's alright. no problem. congratulations on adore, i don't know what your expectations were for it but it certaintly seems to be well received around the world, huh?
b: um...we're happy with it, uh not everyone we know is, but we're happy with it.

dj: you kow i read some interviews talking about the pressure everybody else seemed to be putting on you with this new album and trying to figure out what direction you were going,make sure it's the right direction for the follow up, and...how annoying is that?
d: they're only hurting themselves.
b: totally annoying. supper annoying.

dj: what was your plan when you went into the studio to make this new record? was the goal originally to make something completely different or did it just work out not sounding like your other records?
d: completely different from this.

dj: oh really.

dj: interesting.
b: yeah. the goal was to do something different but um, you know we wanted to make sure it was in the spirit of how we've always made our music which is just to to be ourselves and not worry about trends and whose cool and what's up and what's down and ...and now that we've become this rock band now we're supposed to continue to play a certain type of rock n'roll wich is not how we started because we did the opposite of what everybody was doing 10 years ago and then we ended up being a big band but now that we're a big band we're supposed to stay the same...it just gets confusing.

dj: and was the original goal to take out a lot of the guitars that you had on the last project, cause you don't have a tremndous amount of guuitars on this one.
j: uh...yeah we...we actually talked about it before mellon collie. that mellon collie would be our last major rock opus.
b: you gotta tell them the secret.
j: thet, the...what's the secret?

d: it's even a secret from us.
b: we're gonnareveal a little unknown fact right now.

dj; alright what is it?
b; jimmy chamberlain played all the heavy guitars.

dj; is that righ? well that explains it then. wow. that's a surprise to us. well this is a tremendous album. i'm sure you uh...did you guys care whether it was a #1 album or not cause i know that master p ripped you off there for a week.
j: yeah, that's well...we give props to master p.

dj; well you have to. tell us what the tour is like, everybody in l.a. is excited. the tickets are going on sale here on saturday, the shows at universal amphitheater coming up next week. what kind of show are you putting together? is it a pretty good mix of old and new or are you predominatly doing the new record or surprises or new songs or what?
d: predominantly NEW...we've just been shocked and so enthusiastic about how well received it's been by the audience. the audiences been amazing.
b: it's by far the est recieved album as far as playing live...a new album playing live with people going crazy for it.

dj: really?
d: literally...the most fun shows we've ever played.
b: by far.

dj: and you kinda did this album with out the idea of a major tour in mind, right?
d: we didn't think we'd tour at all.
b: yeah um. the idea is to just be crazy for 4 months and then go to the studio, so far it's been incredible. we've been doing all these weird like gogenheim museum, amusement parks and last night but today not last night.

b: it's so late here and i'm so confused (funny voice) uh today we played outside of this college.
d: on a TRUCK!
b: but the idea for america is to pretty much just do the album and then maybe in the encore, u know, if we get one, uh we'll do some old songs, but pretty much we're just gonna do the album.

dj: well i know that a lot of people were suprised when the announcement was made that it was universal amphitheater. you certaintly had your pick of venues here in southern california. why'd you choose a place so small?
j: uh, we didn't want a...
b: master p's at the forum.
j: master p's at the forum (tries to start again) i can't comment after that, i mean we'd already done an arena tour before and um this really isn't like an arena rock album although the way we've kinda been playing it now it's a lot more electric but uh we wanted to keep it a little smaller just mor eintimate, not like a 100 seat club, but theater size.
b: that's the perfect venue for this record.
d: i just wanna go on the rides.

dj: universal...get there early...batman right? we had a cjance to see you at universal a couple years ago when you played the kroq acoustic x-mas show and man that was a treat to see a band like yours that close and personal especially at this stage in your career. you guys are in a recording studio right now or radio station or what?
d: recording studio.

d: we're on a TRUCK!

dj: we got a chance to hear you warm up a little bit and it sounds like you're ready to play.

d: you weren't supposed to hear that.

dj: alright here's what we'll do. let's take a quick break and come back in about 3 or 4 minutes and you guys can play a song for us live.
j: groovy.

dj: alright, groovy that's what i like to hear. sp live in tokyo japan when we come back.
j: word, word.

dj: it's 8;24 now on the world famous kroq. we're talking live in tokyo with the smashing pumpkins who are ina recording studio. hey guys can you here us again?
d: you should see the traffic in tokyo, if you think it's bad in l.a.

dj: is that right? that's what i've heard, yeah.
j: there's no diamond lane over here.
b: no carpool.

dj: well we've got james, d'arcy, billy, wjo's playing drums for you this morning?
j: uh...this guy.

dj: ok good. alright.
j: no! kenny aranoff .
d: some bald guy.

dj: kenny aranoff one of rocks legendary drummers...uh the smashing pumpkins by the way are as we've mentioned tickets are going on sale at 10 and they're coming to town next week, but we've got them for a few inutes this morning on satelit. we'll try to includeyour phone calls. so if you wanna call right no 1-800-520-1067 if you have any questions that aren't dumb or trite we'll try to pass them along to the band.

dj: are their any questions like that?
b: i'm waiting.

dj: billy is that you playing the piano on this album and i just heard a minute ago playing?
b: ummm...no i'm not playing piano tonight...tonight but...uh..that's me on the album yeah.

dj: it is you on the album, i see. people don't think of you at the piano playing pretty little songs sometimes. it's surprising to reconcile your previous image with what we're hearing on this record, but it sounds terrific. what are you gonna do for us frist this morning?
b: this is the first song on the album it's called to sheila.

dj: great let's hear it. live from tokyo japan it's the smashing pumpkings on the world famous kroq.