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NYLON New York City Party
January 20, 2005, 11:00 pm

Starting with NYLON'S LAUNCH PARTY at the Gypsy Room, after drunken snowfights, and hailing for cabs for hours, we somehow are still here in NYC trying to get back home to warm and sunny California. In the meantime, Fashion Weekly Daily talks about some stuff on the party, and JUSSKE is one of our favorite DJs and also a fellow Dim Mak artist that we checked out at his clubs all over NYC. You will hear his remix on the Bloc Party "Silent Alarm" bonus remix 12" coming along with the LP. Oooh. And all hail buddies in NYC for making this weekend, which is not done, 3H, Marvin Jarrett, Ben Lee, Nylon people, Gypsy Tea, free drinks, Steven Acevedo, Jusske, Duke & Dutches, Laura Helms, Milena Selkirk, Happy Ending, James Iha, Knox Robinson, Cornerstone Promotion, Cornerstone DJs, Carmelita Morales, Elhaam Addvice, Automato, Ian William and his lady Williams, Jason Delgado, David Orlando, Mark the cobra Snake, Riko Sakurai, Diplo, Fizz, Poull, Sarah Triangle part 1 of 3, and the other 2 of 3, Christine Bite, Odessa, Hot & Crusty, Jiju, Tiffany L, pops & Keiko, Richie, Beauty Bar, Mark Calvin, Jessica WE, Dark Room, Frankie Chan, Jared and his twin brother Bared, Zane, all the free Sparks, Rheingolds and Red Stripe, and most of all M.I.A. for keeping the dance floor fucking wicked with the best album next to Bloc party in 2005.... Fuck. there are other buddies but shit was so snowed out that i don't blame not seeing you so far... one more day left...

Source: Dim Mak Data