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A 'Shiny Day' for James Iha: A new collaboration
May 12, 2005, 11:00 pm

Shiny Day / Ai no Manatsu [Limited Edition]
By Ayano Tsuji

Tower Records Japan
つじ Aya's sends to you in summer -- super- -- powerful both Ath page single! "Shiny Days" -- GRAPEVINE and "the midsummer of love" -- collaboration with James Iha of ex.Smashing Pumpkins -- realization!!

つじあやのが夏にお届けする超強力両A面シングル!「Shiny Days」ではGRAPEVINE、そして「愛の真夏」ではex.Smashing Pumpkinsのジェイムズ・イハとのコラボレーションが実現!!

Neo Wing
つじ Aya's 2nd cartridge of a calendar plan! It is overly the summer double single of powerful both A fields! Collaboration with grape BAIN and James Iha is realized!! The singing voice of つじあやの which is full of a transparent feeling sounds and crosses "Shiny Days" to つじ Aya's new field, and a light and invigorating lock sound. "The midsummer of love" is Iha of that SUMAPAN (Smashing Pumpkins), and KORABO. Groupie な秀曲 to which negotiations of vocal brew Love touch. They are inclusion and double jacket specification (above schedule) about the signs of the live that only the first time limited board here was performed to 4/1 by CD-EXTRA specification on the Ueno public performance field stage.

つじあやのカレンダー企画第2弾! 超強力両A面のサマーダブルシングル! グレイプバイン、そしてジェイムズイハとのコラボレーションが実現!! 「Shiny Days」はつじあやの新境地、軽快で爽快なロックサウンドに透明感あふれるつじあやのの歌声が響き渡る。「愛の真夏」は、あのスマパン (Smashing Pumpkins)のイハとコラボ。ボーカルの掛け合いがラブな感じを醸し出す、グルーピーな秀曲。こちらの初回限定盤のみCD-EXTRA仕様で4/1 に上野公演野外ステージで行われたライヴの模様を収録、ダブルジャケット仕様(以上予定)

Credit: The Japanese Site

Source: Japanese to English Translator