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Rough Trade's Album of the Week
September 8, 2005, 11:00 am

VANESSA AND THE O'S la ballade d'o made Rough Trade's
Album of the Week

vanessa and the o's formed in 2003 when james iha, former guitarist and co-founding member of smashing pumpkins met vanessa contenay-quinones (espiritu) and swedes andreas mattson [popsicle] and niclas frisk [atomic swing]in new york 2003. they recorded the album 'la ballade d'o' over the next year in between iha's tour with a perfect circle. meanwhile quinones went into the studio with lou reed to cut an anglo/french version of 'sunday morning' whilst also working on new songs with frisk and mattson. it's a fantastic 'european cool' album with breathy female vocals over music that sounds like the concretes, stereolab or a more modern take on the velvet underground. you will instantly fall in love with this album like we have.

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Source: Rough Trade Shop