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Iha Produced "Shiny Day" Also Available on Japanese Calendar CD/DVD
October 7, 2005, 9:32 pm

According to this Japanese site, Ayano Tsuji has a calendar CD/DVD with the track "Shiny Day".
The new album of つじあやの in which it is full of the sense of the season which spells one year and 12 months by 12 music, and a feeling of emotion releases!! The work with which it is full of the variety musicality which appointed each producer (he also includes and they are 12 persons) as each music. The album of the gem of inclusion of a single "a spring breeze", "Shiny Day", "pledge by hooking each other's little finger", "the Christmas of 星降る夜", and "the midsummer of love"!! With [ in which the Ath page single / five music / video clip was mentioned ] DVD.

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