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Update :: 9/11/05 ::

Former Belle & Sebastian Member Campbell Set To Release Two New Albums
April 6, 2005, 11:48 pm

Former Belle & Sebastian Member Campbell Set To Release Two New Albums
Wednesday April 06, 2005 @ 03:00 PM

Isobel Campbell, Belle & Sebastian will — like so many other artists this year —release two new albums.

The first album will be a collaboration with legendary alt.rock superstar Mark Lanegan formerly of The Screaming Trees (who is also making news Wednesday). The disc is titled Ballad Of The Broken Seas and is apparently reminiscent of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood's work in the ‘60s.

The second offering is described to be more folk-oriented and will be a collaboration between Campbell and James Iha, the former Smashing Pumpkin. Dubbed Over The Wheat And The Barley, the LP also features former Soup Dragons member Jim McCulloch.

After being introduced by a mutual friend, Campbell and Lanegan reportedly began collaborating on the new album by mailing tracks back and forth between Glasgow and Los Angeles. She told Billboard.com that she’s planning on heading over to the States to "tweak a few selections," however, she assures the fans that the album is almost complete.

As far as the pairing is concerned, Campbell expressed much satisfaction in working with the raspy-voiced crooner, partly responsible for solidifying Seattle’s status as an alt.rock mecca. Campbell described Lanegan’s delivery as being "rough," and hers as more "angelic" in nature. She also referred to the pairing as being "two sides of the coin.

Over The Wheat, Campbell says, will differ from the Lanegan collaboration, as it will take a more "folk-centric" approach and will be devoid of the orchestral elements which are present on Ballad. She also mentioned that the album will be much more "stripped down" than the latter.

Campbell is currently in negotiation with a variety of record labels and hopes that the discs can be released sometime this year.

In addition to the two new albums, the vocal vixen has recorded three new tracks which will be offered on an EP. The EP features Eugene Kelly of The Vaselines.

As for those of you who still retained your allegiance to Belle & Sebastian, the Scottish band have a new double-disc release composed of all their previous EP releases. The disc titled Push Barman To Open Old Wounds, is culled from the band's Matador years, which Campbell was a part of, and is due out May 24.

—Justin Krever

Credit: Justin Krever

Source: ChartAttack.com