The facts, and the maybe facts ;D

Pretty Much Concrete Stuff

Full Name: James Yoshinobu Iha
Date of Birth:
March 26, 1968
5'9"ish, 140ish
Eyes/Hair Color:
Dark brown eyes, dark brown hair
A quieter neighborhood near Chicago, Illinois, USA
Singer/songwriter; co-owns Scratchie Records; sporadic male model
Marital status:
Family members:
Two brothers, one older (Tom?), one younger; dad & mom
Bands played in:
Snaketrain (aka The Feds); guitar. The Smashing Pumpkins; guitar.
Known for:
His sense of humor (sarcasm!), intelligence, delivering ear-piercing guitar squeals and shrieks (think Adore tour), his awesome hairstyles and fashion sense, quiet personality, mispelling musician repeatedly

Supposed Stuff

- James's family is said to come from Okinawa, Japan. He is also supposedly able to write his name in Japanese.

--What does James's name mean?--

One possible interpretation: James, of course, is English. It means "supplanter". To supplant is to replace. Hmm. Yoshinobu can be interpreted as this (Japanese names can mean everything and everything though) : Yoshi- = luck; -nobu = grow. Iha can be interpreted as I = a well; -ha = leaf* How that makes sense I don't know. I've also seen Yoshi interpreted as "bright child."

- James is deathly afraid of overly-obsessed fans. (haha consider this a warning)

Favorite albums (this info that's been passed around for years. Who knows if he even likes it anymore;D)
The Beatles' White Album
Pussy Galore's Sugar Spit Sharp
My Bloody Valentine's Isn't Anything
James said his "album of 1998" was The Wallflower's Bringing Down the Horse

Favorite songwriters
Kevin Sheilds/Belinda Butcher, Gram Parsons, Neil Young, Kurt Cobain, and of course John Lennon and Paul McCartney

The Cure's lead singer, Robert Smith
Favorite groups/musicians in general
The Byrds, The Smiths, The Cure, Syd Barrett, The Allman Brothers, Queen, The Stooges, Nirvana, The Stooges, Red Red Meat, The Beatles, R.E.M., The Pretenders, Oasis, Blur (hmm, not too much into the Britpop there? haha)

Favorite singles

Courtney Love's "Highlights"
Rolling Stones "Tumbling Dice"
The Byrds "Chestnut Mare"
Sonic Youth "Starpower"

*Info by Miki on the blamo board