|| Scratchie ||
James & D'arcy on the cover of Raygun magazineJames's very own record label, co-owned with D'arcy, Jeremy Freeman, [other people i don't know yet]. Current Scratchie artists include fulflej, Dan Bryk, The Frogs, Fountains of Wayne, and Eszter Balint. I'm not sure how involved James is in Scratchie anymore (that goes for D'arcy as well) but...he owns it. :) Since I don't exactly know the blow-by-blow history of the label (I haven't had the chance to own the Raygun issue that features it, etc) you can visit the official site and view their history section.

| fulflej | A big side note of the Scratchie topic. James Iha and D'arcy helped to produce and record parts of fulflej's release Wack-Ass Tuba Riff (1996, Scratchie Records). Besides giving up his personal home studio space ("Jump Steadee Stoodios", aka Bugg Studios, etc), James also played guitars on the album, on the following tracks: "Work In This Universe," "Shells," and "Microwave."* Additionally, James was featured in the promotional video for fulflej's "Work In This Universe." Basically it features James coming in to save a cardboard city from destruction by monsters. :) fulflej recently discontinued their bandage, but their albums are still available. (stills from the video can be seen in the pictures section, and the title image on this page features one.)

|| Whiskeytown ||
_____James has had some fun with this now-defunct southern alt-rock band, who's base was in Richmond, VA (clap clap cheer). Find two in-depth articles here. In January of 1999, the info was released that James was helping Whiskeytown out on their follow up album to Stranger's Almanac. The record was tentatively titled Go Bye Bye Music, and was supposed to be released in late summer of '99 on Outpost Records, but something got botched up with the record company; I'm not sure if the record was ever released or what. James helped out with "pre-production and arrangements on six songs." Also, on September 19th, 1999, James appeared onstage (a televised performance) with Whiskeytown at a taping of Sessions At West 54th tribute to Gram Parsons. (The group and Iha performed Parsons' "A Song For You.")

|| Anna Sui ||
____James's good friend and fashion designer, Anna Sui, recruited him not once, not twice, but thrice to model for her line of interesting clothing. He did so in her Spring and Fall shows for 1996, and in her Fall 1999 line. James denies a romantic interest in Sui; he says they "sit around and have Gen-X conversations." :) James has also designed several t-shirts for Sui.

see the Sui shirt I own here and here see the other shirt drawings here @ annasui.com A very...interesting t-shirt drawing of him for Anna Sui by a one Ed. Tsuwaki see James & Anna runway pictures are in the pictures section

|| Ivy ||
____My favorite of the Adam Schlesinger bands. Hip & poppy :) James appeared on Ivy's 1997 release, Apartment Life. He played guitar on "Quick, Painless, and Easy," and wrote additional lyrics & music for the lovely "Back In Our Town." On June 19, 2000, I emailed Ivy for further information regarding James's involvement on the album and received this email from Andy Chase, the bass player of Ivy. >>Ivy's official site

Kendra. Got your email. No, the only song James sings on is "Back In Our Town" although he does play guitar on a few different tracks. The other backing vocal on that song is me (I sing all the backing vocals in Ivy). James definitely has a cool voice and we hope to have him guest sing again at some point.
Thanks for the nice comments.
Take care.

--Andy Chase

(RealAudio files of the Ivy tracks can be found in the Iha Audio section. I urge you to purchase the album, it's great.)

|| Stratosphere||
James in goggles :)
James's recording studio he opened in NYC with Andy Chase & Adam Schlesinger. Read the article here. It supposedly burned down in 1999 (?) James said he had hoped to record his second solo release there. He also has plans to rebuild it (? heh) in 2001.

|| Others / Hearsay ||

James has made his appearance on a Ramones documentary, entitled We're Outta Here!, filmed on Aug 6, 1996. (Although I believe James's interview segment was taped in 1998ish.) He appears twice for two clips in the trademark denim jacket (along with some khakis and a t-shirt).

First quote: "I think the attitude [of the Ramones] was really important, because it's just three very important chords. [laughs] You didn't have to be the greatest...you didn't have to be Eric Clapton to play those songs."
Second quote: "In the summer in Australia [sniffs loudly, hehe] it was like, 95 degrees, and you see all the bands roll in in Bermuda trunks and really bad sunglasses, and you could spot the Ramones a mile away because of the hair and leather jackets and jean jackets. It was an amazing sight."

"A few years ago I read an interview of a band called Glutton. Their music was described as some kind of metal (I forgot what kind) and James produced their demo. The article was really interesting - I was surprised no one ever mentioned this band and they never showed up on Scratchie.">

*Thanks Bri!