The Aeroplane Flies High
1996 - 1997

Pictures by Yelena Yemchuk
these are my own scans so forgive them. :D

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Looking pissy Very cute smile on the bus/plane/whatever behind the scenes of the Tonight, Tonight video shoot. Trying to be either devilish or sexy or both. Or maybe just James. The Bum. ...back when I was a soccer fan... as my friend says "SURE that's water in that bottle." Checking out D'arcy's ta-tas at the Tonight, Tonight video shoot Getting lost in the light and looking fashionably waifish. I don't think this shirt fits him well Rise and shine, valentine. Who's in the seat next to you, buddy? >;D One of my *favorite* pictures of James. It's just so classic. Big goofy smile and all of that. haha

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