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TOP 5 best betting platforms in the UK that offer customers no deposit bets

So that potential users of online bookmakers do not make mistakes and register on those services that make the most profitable offers to their customers, below is a detailed rating of the TOP 5 best betting platforms in the UK that offer Free bet no deposit games with the ability to withdraw money in a convenient way for many types of electronic payment systems.

Bet UK

·         A £66 bonus on a £19 bet.

·         The minimum coefficient is 1.80, which is enough to receive the bonus without making a deposit.

·         The platform pays out 9 free bets at once, under different conditions and game techniques. 4 times for 10 pounds sterling and 4 times for 5 pounds sterling, and heavy d times for 6 pounds.

·         The platform has practically no limit on the payment method.

·         A bookmaker that offers bets on football tournaments with the participation of many teams at once.

·         Unfortunately, the money is withdrawn from the system for several days.

·         The minimum coefficient cannot be less than 1.80.


·         A well-known bookmaker offering users the opportunity to bet on the outcome of a sporting event up to £30.

·         The minimum deposit you can make to your account is just £5.

·         The minimum odds are 2/1, or 3.00.

·         The system always allows even losing customers to make a bet again without replenishing the deposit.

·         The platform offers one of the smallest minimum bets, but at the same time, more no-deposit bonuses.

·         Very high odds - 3.00.

·         Free bets can only be used for horse racing and football.


·         Also, as in the satiated case, the minimum deposit is only £5.

·         Free bets are available up to 5 times up to £50.

·         One of the most generous bonus betting platforms in the UK.

·         The minimum odds are only 1.20.

·         Unfortunately, the bookmaker cannot offer a large selection of ways to withdraw money or replenish a deposit.


·         The customer is guaranteed only the best odds.

·         When a customer deposits just £10, he automatically receives a betting bonus of up to £30, as well as £10 additional bonuses for playing slots.

·         The minimum odds are 2.00.

·         The bookmaker pays out 3x £10 free bets.

·         All free bets are eligible for horse racing only.

·         Too small a choice of deposit replenishment and withdrawal of money from the system.


·         When a platform customer wagers £10 from their deposit, their additional bonus will be £20 for free bets. The amount is calculated automatically, without any additional and special requirements for the user of the system.

·         This platform is compatible with many types of a team or individual sports, as well as with international, federal, or local tournaments that take place in real-time.

·         The minimum odds are only 1.50 which is one of the lowest among most competing bookmakers.

·         A free bet on the outcome of a sporting event offered by a bookmaker appears randomly for the user, which does not always suit the customer.

How to get a free bet at online bookmakers in the UK?

To withdraw money from the system, if the bet without a deposit has won, for almost all bookmakers in the UK, you need to sequentially perform the following simple algorithm:

·         You need to log into the user account, previously registered and verified in the system, after entering the login and password

·         You must press the Withdraw electronic key.

·         In the drop-down menu, the method and wallet for withdrawing money are selected, and tied to the account by the customer.

·         In the free line of the form for withdrawing money to a money account, the amount is printed that needs to be transferred to a bank card, a cryptocurrency exchange account, or an electronic wallet.

·         The user's account number on the platform is entered for a successful transaction.

·         The transaction is confirmed by the customer, after which, after the expiration of the period specified in the platform, the money is transferred to the user's bank card or wallet.

Please note that each betting platform may have individual conditions for withdrawing money - a minimum amount, restrictions for some banks, or additional requirements for the successful completion of a transaction.