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Extremely Short Bio

Full Name: D'arcy Elizabeth Wretzky
Birthdate: May 1, 1968
Physicalities: about 5'8", blue eyes, dark brown hair (bleached blonde).

The only Pumpkin without Chicago roots is D'arcy, born in Michigan. She moved to Europe at a young age, namely France. She returned to the United States after a band she was about to join had disbanded; found herself in O'Hare Airport, Chicago, and decided to stay. She met Billy on a sidewalk outside of a nightclub, got into an argument with him, and joined his band. Although reportedly she was "terrible" in the beginning, her bass skills progressed. She also plays the cello and the violin. Was involved romantically with James Iha for a few years, broke up in the early 90's. She married Kerry Brown (drummer of the now-defunct Catherine) in 1993, divorced in 1998ish? She is now romantically linked to Mickey Rourke (actor). Left the Smashing Pumpkins on September 9, 1999. Got into some drug trouble for posession of crack, although she was never jailed. Recently had plastic surgery (collagen implants to the lips).

Quote: "When I was twenty and I met D'arcy, my whole thing was music, music, music, 24-7. And I couldn't understand why D'arcy wasn't music, music, music, 24-7. D'arcy was like, 'I have a fucking life'" - Billy Corgan


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It took me awhile to warm up to D'arcy, and when I finally had, she left. Heh, typical Pumpkin. I'm not sure what to think on her bass talent (it's been hotly debated) but I think that to play with Jimmy Chamberlin, you've got to be good. I think she has a wonderful personality, and she's smart, funny, and beautiful. Unfortunately her personal life seems to have gone to the proverbial shitter lately. I wish her the best of luck in the future . . .