This discography contains information on songs that James has worked on. It will not contain all information about any album included; only what James has contributed to that album.  Redundant releases are ignored. (Also, take it for granted that James has played guitar on 99% of Smashing Pumpkins releases.)

Other James-related songs:

Go - His song from MACHINA II: The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music. You can download it at the RealAudio page.

Wave Song - a demo from 1991; possibly from "Chicago Demos" 1991, although it was definitely released on the Mashed Potatoes boxed set. He wrote and sang this. (You can download it at the RealAudio page).

Snaketrain Songs - These all came from some demo tape the band released. I'm not sure who got it or how it got into mp3 form, but that's really not important ;) Hear mp3s at the Snaketrain section of the site:

Baby Man
Big Sleep
Box 36
Cowboy X

"A Night Like This" - originally by The Cure
"Boys Don't Cry" - originally by The Cure
"Colorado" - originally by Stephen Stills
"Dancing in the Moonlight" - originally by Thin Lizzy
"Don't You Want Me" (w/ Melissa Auf der Maur) - originally by Human League
"Du Hast" - originally by Rammstein
"Emotional Rescue" - originally by The Rolling Stones
"Firestarter" - originally by Prodigy
I'd Love To Sing My Ballad, Mama - originally by Andersen
I Feel You - originally by ?
"Just Like Heaven" - originally by The Cure
"Kooks" - originally by David Bowie
"Melissa" - originally by The Allman Brothers
"Ol' 55" - originally by Tom Waits
"Sunday Bloody Sunday" - originally by U2
"Terrapin" - originally by Syd Barrett

These songs are ... miscellaneous 'unknowns':
Ain't No One Gonna Hurt You [BMI WORK # 3870730]
Country Song [BMI WORK # 3870726]
Do They Know [BMI WORK # 3870732]
Good Night [BMI WORK # 3870727]
I Miss You [BMI WORK # 3871427]
Lay Down Your Arms [BMI WORK # 3871422]
Pastichio [BMI WORK # 3807913]
Save Me [BMI WORK # 3871426]
Wonder [BMI WORK # 3870728]
You Should Know [BMI WORK # 3871432]