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Welcome to one of the most important sections of the site :) Here you will find Real Audio formats of full-length Iha songs, interview clips, etc. I'm only offering Real Audio of his commonly released songs because I think mp3s of songs that can be easily attained are unecessary and an offense to the artist. (And Real Audio quality can be annoyingly low, inspiring you to go out and buy the damn albums, already.) But I do encourage you to give these songs a listen if you've never heard them before :D They're all great! See the discography for information on these tracks. All Real Audio files were encoded with RealEncoder and are made for 56K modems...I don't believe they stream, so you can save them on your harddrive.

Let It Come Down | hear tracks from James's first solo album, and the b-sides

Other Iha songs/cameo appearances | Other James songs appearing under the Smashing Pumpkins

Pumpkin co-writes | self explanatory; James co-wrote these songs

Other artists | James appears on other artist's muzak

<Let It Come Down Other Iha Songs/cameos ;)

1. Be Strong Now
2. Sound of Love
3. Beauty
4. See the Sun
5. Country Girl
6. Jealousy
7. Lover, Lover
8. Silver String
9. Winter
10. One and Two
11. No One's Gonna Hurt You
12. My Advice
13. Take Care
14. Falling

1. Bury Me (bg vocals on this Gish track)
2. Blew Away
3. ...Said Sadly
4. A Night Like This
5. The Boy
6. Believe
7. The Bells
8. Summer
9. Take Me Down

Pumpkin co-writes Other artists

1. I Am One
2. Mayonaise
3. Soma
4. Plume
5. Farewell and Goodnight
6. Tribute to Johnny

1. Quick, Painless, and Easy (Ivy)
2. Back In Our Town (Ivy)

(18K mp3s - purposely crappy)
3. Work In This Universe (fulflej)
4. Shells (fulflej)
5. Microwave (fulflej)

mp3s that I have uploaded are:

Go - James's song from MACHINA II
Wave Song - a demo from 1991
Terrapin - from the "I Am One" 10" single (Syd Barrett cover)