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A section from Metal Hammer
September 19, 2003, 4:38 pm

Source: A Perfect Circle board

Metal Hammer October 2003 Excerpt

Billy [Howderdel] rationalises, "As for James - he's such a new member and he wasn't involved with the recording process - but the guy has such an amazing work ethic and he'll learn something instantly," enthuses Billy, getting uncharictaristically animated. "I don't think James was actually planning on being in another band again - and now he's like a kid joining his first band - he's genuinely excited by this." And after a white knuckle ride of a decade and a rollercoaster of emotions with Chicago's alternative heroes smashing pumpkins, James is back in a place where he swore he would never find himself again - in a world successful rock band. "I've heard him say that it had to be the right band and the right situation" explains Billy "and it was. We've known James for a long time. This whole 'supergroup' thing might sound contrived - like 'ooh let's make a list of the most famous musicians you know - and make a band' - but these were two people who we knew professionally and personally and respected them as musicians - so it just made sense. It was a big decision for them both - wondering if they were gonna fit in with people and click musically - but it has ....." he states self-satisfyingly ""As a super group!" he sniggers finally resigning to the fact this is a word that will hang over him for the unforseeable future. "I think everyine in this band has already been in extremely successful band situations - and have all got good heads on our shoulders and don't expect too much. I've said this before and i'll say it again: we were never meant to be anything other than a band with really great rock songs."
Then, without warning, the line goes dead. Whether we're victim to transatlantic telephonic troubles or whether he's simply had enough - one suspects that Billy prefers his music to do the talking.

Failing that he can always relie on Jeordie. An hour later after the somewhat unfruitful interview with band mate Billy, jeordie, the consummate professional, is gushing down the fone about his new vocation within the ranks of APC, "It's great to be in a band where everyone is equal - certainly as far as experience and tallent are concerned," he reveals forthrightly. "No-one has to cover for anyone else - it's a very solid team. Everyone aside from Billy has been in other bands for years - especially James and I - we've been in bands where there has been a lot of emotional attachment - and this band is very professional and also a lot of fun."
Now over a year since he walked out of his shock-rock vassociates, jeordie ("you can still call me twiggy if you want - i'm not gonna do an 'Artist formerly known as Prince' on you ...") has found his niche - and artistic freedom being one of the main advantages. "Because some of the other guys are in other bands - when there's down time I can do whatever I want - which is what I was looking for at the end of my career with MM," he discloses.
"I would speak for James as well because both our previous bands were more like a marriage - and you really couldn't see other people."