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Fox News Band Interview
January 31, 1995, 11:00 pm

Source: Fox News

Fox News Interview. February 1995 [No Day]

AMY: How about those Pumpkins? Spin voted the Chicago band 'artist of the year' for '94. 'Till this Monday there last gig was headlining Lollapalooza. There just about to record their fourth major album and last week I visited them at their secret practice space in Chicago where we talked about life after Lollapalooza.

(Cut to live clip at practice space. Bass and drum w/Billy singing, "God knows I'm helpless to speak on my own behalf.")

JIMMY: We got straight back to work. I mean we didn't take more than three weeks to a month off and then we've been in here everyday since then writing songs .

AMY: OK, for the new album which is rumored to be a two disc set...

BILLY: Rumored to be, yeah.

AMY: Yeah. When is it going to come out?

BILLY: We hope it will be out in October.

AMY: Wow, that's a long time. What's....

BILLY: No, no, not in Pumpkin time.

(Cut to live clip from Double Door. Billy singing 'I wonder if she wants to see me.')

AMY: Speaking of Pumpkin time, the band enjoyed a little Monday night at the first of four shows at Chicago's Double Door nightclub. There just warming up to record the next album next week.

(Billy on stage with Ovation Custom Legend 6-string, 'You can scream all you want for the old favorites, but were not going to play any.' Followed by a large roar from the crowd.)

AMY: Hey, no one seemed to mind. The new ones sound great and the band seems to have matured nicely. (

Live at Double Door in background with Eric playing cello on stage.)

AMY: Is it as much fun as when you started, honestly?

D'ARCY: More......Much more.

AMY: What makes it better?

D'ARCY (laughing): I don't have to waitress anymore on the side.

AMY: Well, OK, except for Mr. Sarcasm here.

JAMES: Um, no comment.

(Live in practice space, Billy singing 'God knows I know I'm helpless' with massive trade mark Pumpkins distortion in background.)

AMY (TO BILLY): Are you still moody as everyone said you were?

BILLY: Um, well chemicals have fixed all that now and, um, I don't know. I'm probably not the best judge of my behavior. I have my reasons not to be, like, want to be perceived that way.

AMY: Well, of course, maybe I should ask you guys. Is he as moody as he used to be or is he moody?

(silence from the other three)

D'ARCY: No comment. No comment. (laughter from all)

AMY: Does it....

BILLY: They're afraid to say. No I have...

D'ARCY: No defiantly not. Therapy is a good thing.

BILLY: Hey, is this interview going to be over soon or what?

AMY: We're almost done. God, he's moody!

(Cherub Rock video in background)

AMY: With no doubt, the Pumpkins have come a long way since they were known as a break through band on what was called the new Chicago scene.

(Live clip from Metro 8-13-93)

BILLY: Were, like the Blue Oyster Cult now of the Chicago scene.

AMY: But, is there a Chicago scene still do you think?

BILLY: Oh, I think there is a lot more incredible good up and coming bands you know then there were five years ago. And I think that is a residue of the effect that people start to realize that 'wow, this really can happen here' and there are places to play and people will come out to see the shows. I'm glad that were a part at least of that Chicago had.

(live at Double Door in background)

BILLY: I have this like fantasy that when it comes time to do the big tour, I want to do a Chicago tour.

AMY: That would be really cool.

BILLY: It would be obviously us, Urge Overkill, Veruca Salt, Cheap Trick...

AMY: Oh, Cheap Trick.

BILLY: Yes, so I think that would be really awesome, like, and we would call it the 'Chicago Rocks Tour.'

Credit: Amy