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ANNC: Ghost Children 2 (SP Tribute CD) - A Call for Demos
April 4, 2005, 1:39 pm

ANNC: Ghost Children 2 (SP Tribute CD) - A Call for Demos

With overwhelming support shown for a follow-up to 2001's popular Smashing Pumpkins tribute cd, Ghost Children, we are now accepting demos for consideration. Submissions will be accepted online in 256 kbps,44 khz mp3 format or SHN, and by snail mail via CD-r. Please to make the proper arrangements.

In addition to new submissions, we will also be considering demos that have been submitted to us in the past for the previous Act IV concerts. However, it is strongly suggested that you email the organizers if you would like one of your demos considered for the cd, as it is difficult to sort through the enormous amount of demos we have received in the past.

Selections for the cd will be made by Act IV staff, including the organizers, as well as the organizer of the original Ghost Children organizer, Neil Main. However, we are calling on all international Pumpkins fan sites, fan clubs and tribute concerts to help to call out to your visitors/members for submissions. We would like this CD to be not only an Act IV release, but one that involves the entire SP fan community. Credit will be given where it is due.

The deadline date for submissions is July 7th, 2005. After thedeadline passes, it will be determined if the quantity and qualityof submissions warrants the release of the cd. The target releasedate for the cd is December 2nd, 2005.

Also, please feel free to email us with suggestions for the name of the new cd, as Ghost Children 2 is only a working title.

Act IV 2002 Videos:
Each week up until the release of the long-awaited Act IV 2002 DVD, we will be putting up a new video from the concert up on the site. Be sure to download the videos on the week they are put up, as the videos will be rotated to make room for a new one each week.

This week download Semi-Automatic Love Slave's performance of "Age of Innocence" and next week we bring you a new set: Neil Main with Glider! You can download audio and video from Act IV 2002 at the Act IV main site http://www.act4.net / http://act4.2007.org

Source: Landslide