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General Information about James Iha (Along with some twisted sarcasm)


Name: James Yoshinobu Iha (Pronounced eee-ha)
Birthplace: Chicagos, United States
Grew Up: Elk Grove, Chicago, United States
Ethnicity/Nationality: 2nd generation Japanese-American
Language Spoken: Standard American English (he's from the Mid-West).
Age: 37
Birthday: March 26, 1968
Height: 5'9"
Education: Elk Grove High School, Graphic Arts Major at Loyola University (left one year prior to graduation to pursue music)
Personality: Soft spoken, humble, attentive, crazy, energetic, funny, silly, serious, lively, screaming, robot/break dancing, hard work ethic in the studio, immature, mysterious, enigmatic, and in some cases very dull.
Popularity:famous in the New York City Fashion scene and the underground New York City clubbing scene
Hair: He's changed it a LOT during the last decade. During the Mellon Collie phase he was known for his thick blonde streaks (skunk). He likes his hair slightly long and now nicely trimmed. At the moment he has bleached platinum blonde mid-length hair with his black roots showing (sometimes). He regularly touches up his hair to maintain that dazzling shine.
Crib: He owns a house in Chicago. He currently lives in a million dollar plus single bedroom apartment in East Village, New York. He occupies the same town house co-op with Chloe Sevigny and Parker Posey.
Position: Guitarist and sometime keyboardist. Throughout the years he's played some saxophone, bass, mellotron and a whole lot more. Lately, he somehow picked up being an underground New York City DJ catering to the young masses.
Band: He did a side project with Vanessa and the O's, an international band. He was a replacement touring memeber for A Perfect Circle (reports first surfaced in July of 2003). He was/is still known for being part of the illustrious band, The Smashing Pumpkins. The Virgins amounted to nothing, Snake Train was his band during high school in Elk Grove, and The Feds was the first band he played while he attended Elk Grove High School
While he was a Pumpkin, he released a sappy love strung solo album called "Let It Come Down" in February 1998. He was part of The Star Children (more information).
Gear: Check out our Gear page.
Tour: Believe it or not he was a musician who toured. Everything about that tour and on has been lost.
Record Labels: He's on major record label, Virgin Records. He owns an indie record label called Scratchie Records (formerly with D'arcy Wretzky). His record label is now attached to New Line Records.
Recording Studio: James worked on Let It Come Down at his home recording studio called Bugg Studio (the current status of this studio is unknown). Now, he has a state of the art recording studio called Stratosphere Sound Studios (it burned down once) in New York at the meat packing district.

.: Bits of Information :.
* Billy Corgan and James Iha's first show was at a Polish dance bar on the West Side of Chicago Polish bar. (Kelly)
* According to Hilburn's claims, "Iha and D'Arcy, who began living together soon after the band started, broke up, causing tensions."
* During the debut Gish tour, Wretzky and the guitarist James Iha went through a difficult break-up. (O'Connell)
* Although it was written by a Smashing Pumpkin, "Let It Come Down" is nothing like anything the Smashing Pumpkins have ever created. "I play electric, saturated, distorted guitar every night," Iha is quoted on a Smashing Pumpkins World Wide Web site. "I'm sure a lot of these songs are reactions to that sound." (Berwin Song)
* James "turned down an offer to appear in a CK One fragrance ad." (Ruggieri)
* James's father is an engineer and once worked on a garage door opener sold to Sears. (Kim)
* James is "probably the biggest Simpsons buff in the band." James can do a "really good Marge." (Kim; Simpsons)

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